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Easiest way to Deep Link to the YouTube app

Step-by-step guide to creating YouTube deep links using Tapthelink

Easiest way to Deep Link to the YouTube app Cover

Problem with Social Apps these days

Influencers share a lot of links on platforms like Instagram and Facebook but Every Social App have their own in-app browser, it’s a good thing for social apps to do this since it holds their users in their own platform but it’s bad for you as an Influencer.

When viewers click on the link they can’t subscribe, comment or like the video. They are not shown ads on mobile browsers, influencers miss a lot of ad revenue from this. Also, the viewers won’t contribute to a long watch time because of not getting a good viewing experience which you get on the YouTube app.

As much as deep link sounds like complex marketing jargon, there are tools like which makes it super easy to create deep links for YouTube videos for Free.

You create a deep link on and then share it everywhere. it skips the in-app browser on TikTok / Instagram / Facebook and takes your followers directly to your YouTube video within seconds.

  • Create an Account on

  • Paste your YouTube Link and click on “get a tapthelink”

  • Click on Copy or Share it on Different Platforms Directly.

How can Deep Linking help you Increase Ad-Revenue and Retention rates?

YouTube videos on mobile browsers don’t actually show you ads and speaking of Retention Rate, the experience on in-app browsers are horrible, they don’t let you watch videos in high quality and viewers in the browser don't hold the phone horizontally making it easier to skip the tab and just get back to browsing things.

When it’s a deep link, it takes you directly to the YouTube app which shows ads that get you ad revenue and then viewers usually watch videos horizontally on YouTube which increases your chances of getting more watch time and engagement too.

tapthelink works like magic, it makes it so easy to create a deep link for my YouTube videos, It’s instantaneous. I also have observed a 3X increase in engagement and retention on my videos.

-Digital Sphere

Create a tapthelink

and you can 5X your YouTube Ad Revenue too