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Introducing Tags - Organize your Deep Links

Add Tags to your Deep Links - Filter and Search them Easily

Introducing Tags - Organize your Deep Links Cover

TapTheLink helps creators increase their AdRevenue and Engagement with the help of deep linking.

For Businesses, it helps get more sale conversions from Amazon when they run Facebook Ads / Meta Ads by skipping the app browser. When creating multiple links it’s good to organize them by keywords and even filter or search them.

Introducing Tags

Tags are a way to organize all your links under a bucket. This makes it easy for you to Filter and Search Links for a particular Marketing Campaign.

It’s Super Easy to Add a Tag for your Links. Here are Two ways you can add them

  • Check Advanced Settings

  • Click on Add a Tag

  • Choose Existing Tags or Create New

Add a Tag From Dashboard

You can Visit “My Links” section and click on any of your previous links and add a Tag that too

Head over to the “My Links” Section and Click on Filter By and select the tags that you need to filter. You can even search them.

How to Edit Tag Name and Change the Color of the Tag ?

  • Open the Tags Page by clicking on the advanced settings

  • Choose the Tag you Want and click on the Three Dots

  • You can Now Edit the Title or the Color of the Tag.

(Note: The Changes will be reflected at all the places where this tag is used)

Use Cases for Tags

Influencer Marketing Company

Let’s say your are a Influencer Management Group Like “Monke Entertrainment” ,

A Brand like “Mama Earth” approaches and asks influencers to talk about their new Onion Oil available on Amazon.

The Campaign Manager can create multiple links for every influencer and have a common TAG.

And can easily filter out that tag to check the clicks etc.

You are a Marketing Company Running Ads for Different Book Authors

There are a couple of book publishing houses who run FB Ads for different authors under their publishing house. If you are one, read this carefully. You can not only improve sales of the books with the help of deep linking, you can even organize them with the help of tags.

Music Producer

If you are a musician working on couple of tracks and have different deep links for your YouTube and Spotify, You can branch them together with the help of tags.

Create Deep Links

and Tag them now