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Introducing PaytmJar, One-Click Payment Link

Easiest Way to Receive Money via a link to your Bank Account with Zero Fees

Introducing PaytmJar, One-Click Payment Link Cover

Backstory 📔

Educators and Gamers in India have grown by 40x in the last 2 years. Both make a good chunk of revenue from YouTube Super Chats and Sponsorships.

There are enough problems to solve in this space, different startups are solving the getting more sponsorship part, but after the deal is done receiving payment is fairly simple, you e-sign a document and receive the money directly to your bank account with almost zero transaction fees.

But YouTube Super Chat, It's different,

What’s YouTube Super Chat?

YouTube announced super chat, a feature that allowed live streamers to get tipped to read out messages of fans, and it was an instant hit, they expanded it to one time tipping too where you could buy a sticker from a creator.

Problem with Super Chat 🚫

It’s simple to super chat a creator but, YouTube keeps about 30% of it and Creators get paid only 70% of a super chat.

That means YouTube keeps Rs.30,000 when a Creator makes Rs.1,00,000, that Rs.30,000 could have been used to get a better mic or lighting setup if there was a lesser transaction fee.

The Problem is not just commissions but every creator receives their money on a monthly basis not immediately or daily, also they get paid only if they have reached a threshold of Rs.7300($100).

What about teachers and gamers who are just starting out who get micro-payments?

A Trick that Live Streamers tried 🔮

In India, there is something called UPI (Unified Payment Identification) which lets anyone get paid directly to your bank account within Rs.1,00,000.

Some of the live streamers thought of adding UPI Address in their bio and YouTube Description, but YouTube doesn't allow anyone to copy something from the description and we have to understand that people are lazy, No one will go back and forth to type a UPI id to tip someone, the friction to tip someone needs to be less.

Introducing PayTmJar

Step 1: Enter your Paytm Number

Step 2: Share the Link

Step 3: Get Paid Instantly on Paytm

The best part is, we don't track any clicks or transactional information.

Everything is yours at Zero Processing Fees.

Few Use Cases ⚡

  • Donation Live Streams

  • Educators can have this link in YouTube Description

  • Creators who write Twitter Threads

  • Games who live stream all-day

... and a lot more.

In short, Add PayTmJar in your bio / Linktree, and get paid Instantly.

Create a Pay Link

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