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How to Open the Amazon App directly from Facebook

2 Steps to Open Amazon App directly from Facebook

How to Open the Amazon App directly from Facebook Cover

Problems with Facebook

If you are sharing your product links on Facebook, You would likely want to send visitors directly to the amazon app. That’s where they are logged in and the app is fast and easy to use.

But Facebook by default doesn’t allow that.

Here is a solution. It’s called Deep Linking.

Deep Linking allows you to create a short url which can redirect users directly to amazon app.

Here is the easiest way to create a Deep Link to the Amazon App.

  • Visit

  • Create an Account for Free

  • Paste your Normal Amazon Link

  • Click on Generate

  • Copy the New Link you get

The new link you get is a deep link, which can magically skip the Facebook browser and send your visitors directly to the app.

There are Two Other Feature which you can use while creating a Deep Link.

  • Add a Tag to your Link to Filter and Search your Links - Read more

  • You can check Analytics by going to My Links Section and see how many of your visitors are coming from which City.

Create a Deep Link

and improve conversions